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Our markets

THOMS is a specialist of sub-surface markets. We are present in six areas among the sub-surface businesses: Oil&Gaz, Mining, Geothermal, Geological Storage, Hydrogeology and Geotechnics. Our expertise encompass all the fields of these markets. We are able to provide integrated and taylored solutions for all businesses inside those areas.

What collaborative business means ?

THOMS regroups SMEs and start-ups to share their knowhow and gathers their expertises in order to offer a broader range of services and products. Thus THOMS is an alternative to major service companies in the subsurface markets. To make this happen we are at the forefront of collaborative business management.

Join THOMS’ action

THOMS offers a full range of services and benefits to POLE AVENIA’s small and medium businesses. By joining POLE AVENIA’s family you have the possibility to get in touch with french SMEs active all around the world. Our network of companies is dynamic and permits us to deliver first hand services and high quality products.