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Becoming a THOMS member

THOMS membership required fees are the folllowing:

  • 3500€ to access to THOMS to the first time.  The THOMS’ package offers a corporate video and a photo report made by professionals.
  • 800€ per year. This subscription is renewable every year and allows to make the subscriber company visible on THOMS.


  • Integrating a new commercial network and respond individually or collectively to published calls for tenders.
  • Promoting your company - know-how, skills, products and services- visible.
  • Accessing to international markets.
  • Be accompanied by POLE AVENIA for THOMS web-platform.
  • Profit of a cheaper rate for the company communication tools creation.
  • Dispose of a THOMS communication package including THOMS flyers, THOMS pens and THOMS business cards.

If you are looking for promoting your skills or products or if you want more information about THOMS’ platform, please fell free to join Jerome PORFIRIO, POLE AVENIA Manager through the contact form.